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  • AttoDx, Inc.  is a biotechnology company developing applications for our proprietary Molecular Viability Testing (MVT).  We partner with other companies and institutions to integrate this technology into various detection and diagnostic devices and instruments.  We are located in downtown Seattle, Washington.  To learn more about how we can work with you, click here


AttoDx, Inc. is creating rapid, robust, reliable, and cost-effective products for viable pathogen detection and identification for medical, food, water, and environmental applications using patent-pending Molecular Viability Testing (MVT) Technology.  



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Superior Detection Technology for Viable Pathogens


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What is Molecular Viability Testing (MVT) Technology? 

Exponentially more sensitive than all current pathogen detection products, MVT technology is an innovative method for detecting viable bacterial pathogens versus non-viable pathogens or residual nucleic acids that can lead to false positives. This is a common problem in existing commercial nucleic acid detection systems.  





Dead or Alive: Molecular Assessment of Microbial Viability




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